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Step-by-Step how to start, run, and grow your own Personal Chef Business! 
Creative Freedom To Be Your Own Boss.
How To Start A Personal chef business
How To Start A Personal chef business

Learn more with our FREE E-Book!

Learn more with our FREE E-Book!

Have You Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Personal Chef Business Before?
  • You Don't Know Where To Start?
  • ​​​You Don't Know Where To Find Clients?
  • ​​You Don't Know If You Have Business Smarts?
  • ​You Don't Know If You Have Enough Experience?
  • You Don't Know If You Have What It Takes?
  • You Think You Have To Quit Your Day Job?

I Was Once In The Same Place You Are Right Now!


Founder of The Chefpreneur Program, The Chefpreneur Podcast, and tribe leader of The Chefpreneur Movement. I’ve been on a mission helping Cooks and Chefs LIKE YOU start your own successful Personal Chef business.
I went through hardship, trial, and error starting my own business. I went broke with food, labor, and overhead costs in my farmers market and restaurant venture... I was a Private Chef for a prominent and wealthy family, and although they treated me great I was still at their mercy as my employer and eventually laid off. Even when I started my own Personal Chef business I struggled to get clients and keep them coming. My confidence and passion for cooking was at rock bottom. I felt stuck, frustrated, and confused.

I had no one to really guide me through the process and tell me What  to do and How  to do it. It started to seem there was no real solution out there for a Chef like me.

Until I finally discovered IT… the thing that changed my business and life forever… something NO OTHER Chef, guru, or expert is teaching.

Today, 4 years later, I’m making over $300k per year… with freedom over my time, consistent clients, and renewed confidence and passion for what I do. Now I can help you achieve your own goals and avoid the pain and pitfalls I experienced. There’s no need to struggle any longer because The Chefpreneur Program can help YOU.

JOIN ME in rattling the industry by going from Chef to Chefpreneur!

Recent Culinary Grads, we can help you start your own business as a Personal Chef, keep your passion alive, and tap into your culinary creativity. Build your niche business that creates a loyal client base and 
Be Your Own Boss!
Seasoned Chefs, now is your time! You've been grinding on the line unfulfilled long enough. Start something for yourself... become a true Chefpreneur and use your experience and knowledge to create a loyal client base and Be Your Own Boss!